accounting and audit

Sound accounting and audit procedures and practices are the backbone of a financially vibrant and resilient business. Creating and putting in place sensible and firm internal control systems lays the foundation of a strong and stable organization. Timely and accurate recording of financial transactions helps in tracing the course of business actions. The regular audit of transactions and records assists in confirmation of transactions. It enables you to detect errors swiftly and make amends. Periodical verification of accounting transactions checks the accidental errors and controls the deliberate frauds. For our national as well as international clients we render a wide range of accounting, inspection and audit services. Our team of accounting experts delivers accurate, fast and timely services. The accountants at VA Mehta & Co. work diligently and judiciously to help business weed out unhealthy practices and replace them with effectives processes. Ensuring complete confidentiality of corporate affairs is an integral and primary part of our work. Among various Accounting and Audit services are included:

Accounting Systems and Procedures


VA Mehta & Co. facilitates setting up of strong accounting systems and procedures to control errors and omissions in business operations. Clear and strict recording policies and guidelines for accounting are tailored to the needs of each organization. Our endeavor is to safeguard business assets, ensure proper utilization of resources and quickly assess the financial status of business.

Book Keeping and Reporting


VA Mehta & Co. delivers professional services for centralized recording of financial transactions and preparation of books of accounts including general ledger, accounts payable, accounts receivable, inventory management records, sales register, funds flow statements, income and expense account, etc.

Financial Statements Compilation


VA Mehta & Co. assists clients in compilation of their periodical Budget, Funds Flow statement, Profit and Loss account and Balance Sheet.

Audit of Accounting Transactions


V A Mehta & Co. provides services such as statutory audit, tax audit, transfer pricing audit, internal audit, concurrent audit, process audit, management audit, stock audit and investment audit for national and international corporate entities and individuals.

Compliance to Accounting Standards


VA Mehta & Co.’s team is skilled in undertaking preparation of accounts according to International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and Indian Generally Accepted Accounting Principles and Standards.

Accounting Manual Preparation


VA Mehta & Co. offers expertise to advise you and support you in selecting appropriate accounting policies and procedures. We also undertake for you the documentation of the decided policies and guidelines to work as a reference point for all stakeholders.

System and Process Improvements


VA Mehta & Co. helps companies in studying the operating financial systems and processes to identify gaps and suggest improvements for healthy and strong functioning. Whether you want to change the existing systems and processes or go for new ones, we are here to assist you.

Due Diligence


VA Mehta & Co. provides for investigation and status verification
of any and every financial endeavor you are contemplating to undertake.
We take utmost care in preparing factual note on initiatives under corporate consideration.

accounting and audit